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Digital Signage

Indoor Solutions

Featuring hand-selected commercial quality components, tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is standard digital, touch-screens, capacitive touch kiosks, POS integration, illuminating video walls, way-finding and information centers, IDS will provide you with the ultimate solution for your interior display situation.

Outdoor Solutions

Snow, sleet, hail, rain, wind, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight are no match for our rock-solid outdoor solutions. Our impact resistant, vandal-proof screens perform consistently, and with IDS’ exterior digital solutions you can relax, knowing our solutions are battle-tested.

This term refers to a category of communication that incorporates the control and presentation of information on digital displays. These displays can range from small screens in a brick and mortar business location all the way up to large displays like the ones seen in airports. The key concept is the ability to control and change content ( images, videos and animations) to create an engaging and powerful consumer experience. At IDS we are focused on providing a powerful digital signage hardware and software solution for brick and mortar businesses such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, airports, and sports arenas.Learn More

Our Intelligent Digital Solution combines hardware and software specifically designed to create a high-quality communication experience. The package consists of the following components: BrightSign Player and BrightAuthor Software, Commercial quality Monitors (Indoor or Outdoor) plus Mounting Hardware and Accessories.. Shipping of our indoor digital systems is gratis to the 48 contiguous states and Canada. The BrightSign Player is the hardware that displays your digital signs. The BrightAuthor software controls the entire playback of digital content, including what is displayed and how it will be organized. For centralized control and monitoring there is the BrightSign Network, which provides all of the tools necessary to easily and quickly manage your signs. This secure application allows you to monitor and control every aspect from any computer with an Internet connection, as well as your smartphone or tablet device, at a very thrifty rate of $99 per player per year. Learn More.

The IDS Intelligent Digital Solution package is a turnkey system that is a combination of commercial quality indoor and outdoor monitors, BrightSign player hardware and BrightAuthor software. The combination of software and hardware in our Intelligent Digital Solution provides a system that can deliver the performance required for demanding media requirements. IDS has performed stringent on-site testing to make sure the Intelligent Digital Solution system is both powerful and reliable.Learn More.

The current BrightSign configuration supports one player powering one screen’s worth of unique content. For multiple screens of the same content, the signal can be daisy-chained with our HDMI-over-CAT6 connection. Controllers can be centrally located up to 200ft away from the displays.Learn More.

IDS’ Intelligent Digital Solution system has no software fees, no license fees, no ongoing monthly support fees and no player fees. All updates that are required, such as software, firmware, etc, are included in our pricing. The only ongoing fee for the Intelligent Digital Solution platform is entirely optional, that being the aforementioned BrightSign Network at $99 per player per year. IDS offers several avenues for solving issues: Email support, FAQs, documentation, and forums. However, all these solutions can take time, and sometimes you need immediate, comprehensive assistance to get a digital signage issue turned into a solution. For this reason, we are offering Priority and Emergency Support features, which ensures that you receive a call back from our support team within a certain number of business hours or days. Note that Priority and Emergency Support is an additional feature and is not replacing our other support options: Twenty-four (24) hour email-based support is still completely free, and email response times will remain consistent.

Purchasing Details

Priority Support is offered at three price tiers: Email Support (FREE): Your emailed inquiry is addressed in the order in which it was received.

Priority (First Stage) Call Back ($100.00): Schedule a call (via email or phone call) with technical support within the next business day of receipt of request.

Emergency (Second Stage) Call Back ($200.00): Schedule a call (via email or phone call) with technical support within the next 4 business hours of receipt of request. Note: Business hours and days for priority and emergency support are defined as 9AM EST to 8PM EST, Monday through Friday. Note: If the issue is defined as being under the manufacturer’s warranty then the call is 100% free. For matters of service and support that fall outside of manufacturer warranties or other indicated exceptions, they are calculated on a per incident basis, at $100 per hour with a half hour minimum.Learn More.

IDS utilizes a network of installers for installation of hardware components, for a separate fee. With the Intelligent Digital Solution you receive the first thirty days of BrightAuthor/ BrightSign Network support on us, and we will support you and teach you how to get your signage up and running.Learn More.

One of the significant benefits of the Intelligent Digital Solution system is the ease of use. Our BrightAuthor software was designed to provide business owners with an easy and powerful method for managing their signage. The typical learning curve for mastering the system is around 30 or so minutes. We at IDS provide training for each client, as well as a library of self-help tools which include hundreds of FAQs, webinars, and tutorials.Learn More.

The Intelligent Digital Solution system allows you to easily add and manage images, animations and videos to your digital signage. Placement of content is as easy as dragging and dropping items from your library onto a content playlist.Learn More.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our dynamic graphics, those that utilize HTML5 coding, the same language that creates webpages. Focused, Creative Content allows you to advertise directly to your ideal customer with products yielding higher profit margins. This will enable you to increase your ROI. With our staff of 29 designers we can create unique, engaging and branded digital displays with a rapid turnaround time. Currently our hourly fee for HTML5 design is $185/hr. Note: Estimate of cost will be based upon scope of project, level of interactivity desired, level of graphic dynamism, number of zones, live RSS or Twitter feeds, live television PIP, etc, Quotation to be given at the time of graphics consultation.Learn More.


About Intelligent Display Solutions

With over 35 years in the fields of displays, marketing, advertising and consulting Intelligent Display Solutions offers you unique and cutting edge solutions to your display requirements.

Our combined network of experts in various fields bring you a total solutions approach, at pricing that’s reasonable for any budget, large or small. Take advantage of multi-tier package options in digital display systems featuring flexible players and commercial quality monitors, and pick the solution that’s the right fit for you and your team.

Be the first in town with a breakthrough all-digital drive-thru system made with our top of the line outdoor rated commercial monitors and digital communications systems. Please reach out to us and tell us what your dream is, custom jobs are what we pride ourselves on. Whether you seek simplicity or shoot for the moon, Intelligent Displays Solutions will bring your ideas from concept to completion.

IDS Outdoor-Display Solutions

Intelligent Display Solutions

The Intelligent Choice

At IDS we work closely with our clients to create unique, high quality,
value-engineered Digital Solutions that enable you to increase Profitability and Brand Recognition, lower your Environmental Impact, and facilitate your ability to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.

With our easy to use software you can arrange your display how you want, with various zones of differing purposes; 1080p quality videos, slideshows, even date/time/weather widgets and RSS/Twitter feeds can be part of your unique layout.
No more waiting for graphics to arrive, no long upload times, when you want to make a change you’ll see it nearly instantaneously! Schedule your displays to check for new content daily, hourly or minute by minute so none of your locations are left out of the loop.
With IDS it’s easy to create, manage and maintain a strong network between your displays. Scheduling and day-parting are quickly sent to all players in your account, allowing you to keep brand consistency and timing to an exact science.
IDS™ providing you with all of your digital display solution needs. Our solutions are powerful, easy to use, afforable and highly effective.

What We Offer

Our Services

Our experienced and dedicated staff provide these services with a smile.

Hardware & Software
Fully Integrated Solutions
Featuring commercial quality displays, players and accessories, each component of your order is hand selected by our team of displays experts for your specific needs.
Content Creation
Quality code that lasts
Using HTML5, the same language that coded this very website, we are able to create dynamic graphics that grab potential client’s attention and draw them to you. With dynamic graphics you will see sales rise for featured items, on an average of nearly 80%
Content Management
Words that tell your story
IDS offers a flexible management solution for your content, whether it is produced by our agency or your own art department. Ask about our Network Maintenance plan.
Business Intelligence
Converting users to customers
With our integrated solutions we can provide our clients with sales data that will assist in measuring your return on investment, how new product rollouts are working, how effective your marketing is and more.
Data Integration
Leave a lasting impression
IDS + Your POS: A match made in heaven! Connect your POS system to our digital displays for lightning fast price and item updates.
24/7 Technical Support
Thinking beyond tomorrow
It’s Saturday afternoon, or perhaps it’s Thursday at 9pm, and you’ve just found something you need help with: Where do you go? Most other businesses close up shop after 5pm and over the weekend, but we at IDS are dedicated to you, our clients. Feel free to reach out to us for troubleshooting and assistance.
IDS™ providing you with all of your digital display solution needs. Our solutions are powerful, easy to use, afforable and highly effective.

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